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for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
11-Aug 2010

Hexaphone Lesson 4: Introduction to Reggae

NOTE: This lesson uses the Reggae loop, one of the new loops in version 1.1 of Hexaphone, coming soon.
This video demonstrates the use of the Minor Chord scale (called "Minor 2" in v1.0) to play a reggae jam.
The Minor Chord scale, like a number of others (Major Chord, Trance, and Dance) form one triad on the top row, and another on the bottom. Thus, adjacent notes on the same horizontal row can always be played together, and will sound good.
The distinctive reggae sound comes from chords played between each beat. This technique is a subset of a more sophisticated reggae technique called "The Bubble".
Patch: Tonewheel / Scale: Minor Chord (Minor 2) / Loop: Reggae (available in version 1.1)