A Performance Touchscreen Instrument
for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
04-Aug 2010

Hexaphone Lesson 3: Basic Chords

Hexaphone's simplified six-note keyboard makes it easy to play chords.
This video demonstrates the use of the Minor Chord scale (called "Minor 2" in v1.0) to play dance chords over a bassline.
In this scale, as well as the Major Chord scale (aka Major 2), Trance and Dance scale, all the notes on the bottom row form one chord, and all the notes on the top row form a different chord.
Touching keys to the left or right will transpose these chords up or down.
Patch: Power Saw / Scale: Minor Chord (Minor 2) / Loop: Hard (Dance)
There are other chords you can make by combining keys from the top and bottom rows - these will be demonstrated in a future advanced lesson.