A Performance Touchscreen Instrument
for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
09-Sep 2010

How to use the Motion Filter

Hexaphone 1.1.1 provides a unique "Motion Filter" - a Moog-inspired Resonant Lowpass Filter driven by your accelerometer. This filter amplifies a small part of the frequency spectrum, and "cuts off" all frequencies above that part of the spectrum. You can "sweep" the filter by moving the cutoff up and down - producing an effect similar to a wah-wah pedal.
Check out this demonstration of the Motion Filter:

(Also available on YouTube)
To sweep the filter, slide the SETUP > FILTER REZ slider up from zero, and use the accelerometer tilt:
The position of the FILTER REZ slider effects the "resonance" of the filter - how much the frequency is amplified just before the cutoff. More resonance will make the filter sound "wetter".
The filter will sound most interesting when it is in motion - even small movements up and down produce a noticable change in the sound.
Not every patch sounds good with the filter - Tonewheel sounds especially bad, especially at the higher registers. The filter sounds best with "edgy" sounds (with sharp wave edges), like Power Square, Power Saw and Bass Buzz.